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Auction 355: Gray 34-A10 2 Piece Paystation - Ended 11-26-18

Started by TelePlay, November 13, 2018, 08:06:50 AM

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John here again,

A quick bidding note on the Gray Paystation to keep everyone informed. A bidder, ( trieff1955_8 ) retracted their bid this Sun. 8:09AM after 4 days..."Entered wrong amount"   


Can't see how $1500 could have been entered any other way?

I hate it when people do that - it undermines the value......

Hope it doesn't have too much effect on the results...



Contest Winner:  tallguy58
Guessed Price:  $1,350.00
Total Wins: 13

Auction Winner: y***7 ( 1083 )
Winning Price:   $1,289.64
Bidders:  13
Bids:  24

Contest Standings:

CRPF Hall of Fame:]

Thanks to all who played along in this contest.


Quote from: kka2446 on November 24, 2018, 05:25:44 PM
John here, owner of the Gray 34-A10 2 Piece Paystation. As mentioned in my prior post, the replacement 29S lock key/combo I ordered 11/21 arrived today, Sat 11/24.

I installed the 29S lock in the Gray and it works perfectly. This replacement is 'vintage' original (not new) not a repro. It is the exact same lock that came with the phone except this lock does not have the slightly narrower keyway, which was the problem I was dealing with all along. Problem solved....

A point of reference. I believe the 29S upper lock in the phone was factory original, but for some odd reason the keyway was just narrow enough to not accept any key, but the key that came with the lock.


Hey John;
I think the narrow keyway in the early 29S locks was the same as in the earlier 10G top locks; some of those early 10G's won't take even an original (later) 10G key because of the super-narrow keyway.

By the way, GREAT phone!  I didn't search, but did you tell us how you came upon it? It certainly looks 100% original, but Paul Vaverchak was adamant that AE never EVER used that transmitter mount on a 2-piece payphone; guess he was wrong!
Ray Kotke
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Quote from: kleenax on November 27, 2018, 11:12:42 PM
It certainly looks 100% original, but Paul Vaverchak was adamant that AE never EVER used that transmitter mount on a 2-piece payphone; guess he was wrong!

Yes, when I set up the contest, first researched Gray payphones on the forum and found and included a reference link to a topic created by Payphone Installer in 2016 about these phones.

I did so because one of the images he posted shows a similar payphone with an AE dial and the same transmitter (the phone on the far left of the bottom photo in that topic post) as seen on the contest subject phone.

I guess I did it to show members that the contest phone was not pieced together but could be an "as built" two piece Gray payphone and since the information was already on the forum, it was easy to reference.

Jim provided a lot more information within the contest topic. Someone got a very nice payphone.


I only wish I'd had the 1289 to buy it. That is a nice phone.


Hi All,

I hope everyone had fun with the Gray 34-A10 contest and perhaps learned a bit. I sure did. Where did I get the phone ? ...At a CT country auction about about 2 years ago.

Just an FYI.  I left the phone ( body etc  ) as I received it because the phone appeared to have seen little to no service as mentioned prior. After working closely with the it, removing the backplate to get access, replacing the lock etc, I'm as certain as I can be, with no records the phone was NOS. I had mixed feelings about selling it because I live 10 miles as the crow flies from where it was made, but it was time for someone else to enjoy it. 
The person that bought the phone lives in CA. Outside of complimenting me on my packing I haven't heard a word from him. I would have loved if one the members of the Forum won the auction, perhaps the winner was, but I'm guessing not.