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Needed: ATC Practice for BS-4100 Series Candlestick

Started by RotoTech99, April 16, 2021, 08:37:38 PM

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Dear Forum:

I'm looking for the ATC/DecoTel practice for their BS4100 Series Candlestick phones, please.

I know about the WE practice for the version they carried, but the ATC practice contained more info on it than the WE practice, including identifier and component codes, which I need, please.

If a Forum member has this pratice and could forward or post a copy, I would appreciate it, and Thank them for it.



ATC always used someone elses guts... so I don't know if you'll find anything...... they basically just made the shells and used AE, WE, or some other brands electronic guts... I do know they made the autoidialer 32... but outside of that I don't know what else they made....


Those would be about the same as any phone set.
Just because it's a ATC stick doesn't make any difference. You just need to find out what guts they used to make up the set.