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Wiring for a Western Electric phone booth

Started by charlie.w.mann, September 02, 2022, 06:30:09 PM

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Hello all, so last year I acquired a Western Electric booth from a local armory. Seemed it sat there in a corner since it was installed new in the late 50's, no phone but all else works, and it seemed a shame to have it tossed into a dumpster when they did some remodeling last year. I tested the fan and light separately. I'd like to wire it up proper, but cannot find a diagram, see attached picture, and this forum was the first google search.


Welcome to the forum!

There may be some useful wiring diagrams in the TCI Library. Look in the Bell System Practices (BSPs) in division 508. You can either browse the categories or try some targeted searches.

If you can find the model number of your booth, it will be easier to find the best diagram.

Here are a few sample searches to get you started.

A list of all BSPs in 508 may help you look for your model number. If you don't see it, look in 508-000-000 (the division index) to see if there is a BSP number listed for your booth. You may need to consult several issues of the index, as each index only shows BSPs for products in service at its publication date.


If you find a number for a BSP that's not in the Library or no reference for your model number, let us know. Good luck.
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Hi Charlie. Welcome to the forum. Do you have nay photos of the whole thing? Probably won't help to figure out the wring but we love pictures!
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