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Auction (150 Cancelled: Did not exceed reserve) AB/NET&T Phone - Ended 11/16/14

Started by TelePlay, November 06, 2014, 07:56:27 AM

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Well, this complicates the auction. The seller added a BIN price of $12,000 and as such, I've changed Russ Kirk's guess from $13,500 to $12,000.

Also, if the phone sells for the BIN price, the contest will be cancelled with no winner. I will let it run to see if the reserve is met and it sells for less than the BIN price.

If the phones sells for the BIN price, Russ Kirk will not win the contest (so I guess he would be hoping for a selling price of $11,995.00  ;) )

- - - ->  see the note added to the initial contest topic post


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Quote from: wds on November 06, 2014, 09:21:33 AM
can "reserve not met" be a guess?

In a word, no . . .  ;)

When I first put this contest together, rapidly trying to get it done and get to work, I forgot to add the "reserve" disclaimer paragraph to the contest topic. It is there now, along with the BIN disclaimer. Had this phone been listed with a BIN, it would not have been a contest candidate.


Quote from: wds on November 06, 2014, 08:57:30 AM
A similar receiver just sold on Ebay for about $1,100.  The rest of the phone doesn't seem all that spectacular.

When it rains, it pours on eBay. This one was just listed on eBay in a 7 day BIN auction for $1,499.00, but with FREE shipping . . . Seems to be in very good condition.


Seller described it as:  "This very Rare Chocolate Brown Speaking Tube Receiver was utilized on some very early Western Electric telephones from the early 1880's – both desk and wall type phones used it. It is in near perfect condition as though hardly or never used. There are no chips or cracks in the Bakelite shell or cap. The receiver has the internal wooden bobbin type coil winding spool very similar to what was used on the long pole receivers of the time. There is an American Bell Speaking Tube telephone on eBay right now that uses this exact receiver – eBay auction ID 191402065659. The Buy-It-Now price on that phone is being offered at 12,000.00 which shows how rare these phones and parts can be. If you need one of these rare receivers for your phone you already know how hard they are to come by and how often they actually are available. A receiver like this one sold on eBay recently for over 1100.00. This was the first time I've even seen one for sale. A great collectable from a long gone era of USA designed and manufactured electric products. "

Mr. Bones

   Mr. Bones
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No movement in price of the past few days, still sitting at $1,425 with 4 bids, but it looks like there are 40 people watching this listing. That's a lot more than I am used to seeing for any eBay auction.

Don't remember how many watchers there were on MagicMo's Model 1 Picturephone.

Should be an interesting end, if the auction goes to an end.


Here's the 3% "no crowding" gap spreadsheet for this contest with 13 guesses.

Available guesses or guess ranges are shown in GREEN within the small upper right black bordered box.

( click on the table to enlarge the image )


Well, it didn't reach the reserve so the contest is hereby cancelled with no winner but a big thanks to all who played.

The phone started at $1,000.00 and rose slowly to $1,425 over 3 days in the 10 day auction and sat there until about 4 hours before the auction ended when it rose to about $1,700. It stayed there until the very end when 1 snipe 5 seconds before the auction ended topped the prior high bid to see the auction end at $2,025.00, a bid that did not meet or exceed the reserve price set by the seller. While we don't have a contest winner, we do have the market value on that phone.

Thanks again for playing.

NOTE:  This phone has been re-listed in a new 10 day auction with all the same parameters ($1,000 starting bid, a reserve and BIN for $12,000). As such, this contest will not be restarted or resumed in any way. Another phone will be found to take this contest slot.


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