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K-Plan Forms

Started by JB-Alert, February 19, 2019, 04:41:12 PM

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Does anyone remember the K Plan forms?  I know they were used by NJB and NYT to document key system installations.  They were essentially a legal paper size form, that showed what was on each keyset button (PU key, or Pick Up key), cable connections and other identifying data.  I'm trying to find either a blank or used form that I can use to create a new one.  Any help would be appreciated.  Regards


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I found the copy in the TCI Library, wanted to re-do it with Excel, but never got too far. the form would need some updating to include the newer equipment.

Russ Kirk

That form brings back fond memories when I started as a PBX installer.
- Russ Kirk


Not exactly what you ask for, but i found this one in my collection:




Almost forgot about that blue label!  Always stuck on the bottom of the sets!!  I got the copy of the K-Plan from the TCI Library thanks to this thread.  I'll be able to create a crisp new version, and submit it.  In the mean time, the K-Plan and set label will add to authenticity of my working 1A2 collection.  Thanks everyone for the comments!