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Intercom & Interphone Sources of Documentation

Started by DavePEI, March 10, 2014, 07:04:43 PM

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As suggested by Stub: we will list information sources for various Intercoms and Interphones below:

A) 38 pages. AE Intercoms, Auto-Com, Idealfones, Serv-U-Fones, P-A-X, Monotype manual and magneto systems.

32A47, 32A48, 33A17, 33A18, 33A10, 34A16, 32A1, 32A21, 35A5, 32A14, AM-10 Outdoor Monophone, AM-21 Flush Wall Telephone, Switchboards, Monochime, Extensicord.

Contributed by Ken Stubblefield. OCR by Clint Gilliland.  ( found to be a dead link on 7-19-2019 )

The Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island:
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C*NET 1-651-0001


 Here's the link to the TCI Library to replace the dead link.             
Kenneth Stubblefield