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Example #1 for not using image links to photos on external sites

Started by TelePlay, April 05, 2014, 01:11:20 PM

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This topic, from a few years ago, is a good example of why posting pictures directly to the forum is highly preferable to using image links to photos on external sites. This topic is now of no use to anyone needing whatever information, if any, may have been helpful from the photos posted to support the discussion in that topic. It's always best to post photos directly to the forum for future reference and research by other members.

     . . . and this one with long dead links to two eBay auctions is another good example of adding at least one photo from each and every eBay listing being discussed for posterity, to keep the topic viable into the future.

Dennis Markham

This issue has come up again recently.  To all of our new members, (and a reminder to the more experienced members) please upload your photos directly to the Forum.  Please DO NOT post a link to an offsite location.  As stated previous here and on other topics, those may over time become dead links.  If in the future someone wants information or there is a topic with an illustration that is linked off-site, the topic becomes useless if the image is no longer available at the off-site location.

Clear as mud?

Thank you all for trying to keep things going smoothly and adhering to this policy.



Was looking for a gluing technique on the internet and found this post from 2004. The person who posted the method with images showing the work must have ended her Photobucket account or did something that caused the link to the externally posted images become dead. That made the post, the text of the post, meaningless. This is a jpg of the posted information that can still be found at

Click on the image to enlarge it.


And a topic from 2010 was just brought to my attention by one of those who posted in this topic some 6 years ago showing what happens when an external image link is used to put pictures within a topic reply, or post. That reply, linked below, used external links which are now broken (for any number of reasons) and the result is not only the image supporting the conversation being lost forever, but also the text, the discussion, becomes meaningless without the image supporting the discussion . . .

Today, I used a suggested method to do this by first attaching the images using the forum attachments and then using the image location link to put the image within the reply to allow better a explanation or discussion of the images. Only the thumbnail of the attached image need be used because if anyone wants to see the image being discussing greater detail, they can go down to the bottom of the post and click on the desired attachment for an expanded view of that image.

This is what I did to discuss my experiment of polishing broken Bakelite . . .

The images used in the discussion look like external links but they are not, they a links to images already on the forum as attachments and as such will never disappear going forward. It's a bit redundant and you have to first post the attachments to get their links, but if it is really necessary to put images within the post, not only at the end, this is well worth the time.

So, as we learned over time, it is not a good idea to use external links to images. As such, it is extremely very highly recommended that images be posted using the "Attachments and other options" option at the bottom of the text posting box.


Having just done the research on PICASA, the results are posted in Example #2, a bad day indeed to have discovered a wealth of information posted on the forum many years ago is not long viable, or available to any newer member who may need the images to support the topic text of a restoration they are working on and found the dead linked images while searching the forum for information that would be helpful to them..

Example #2 for not using image links to photos on external sites


Looking through some old topics, found this one where every external link to "flickr" is dead, and the content of the text discussion meaningless.