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Unknown Annunciator Alarm Cabinet

Started by Babybearjs, December 17, 2015, 09:45:07 PM

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today I got a nice large annunciator/alarm cabinet from a guy on ebay. It has 30 lamps (20 white and 10 red) and 4 signal buttons. the original labeling on the cabinet says "PBX Alarm CB" most of the spaces are blank and there is no wiring to the unit. the original decals have been worn off and the cabinet is going to be refinished. Because of this purchase, I'm now in the market for parts. I am looking for a bank of jacks and a bank of switches. Enclosed are 2 pictures of what I have. based on what was stamped under the hinge assembly and inside the cabinet, it was a #15 cabinet.... does anyone know anything about these??