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A Photobucket Ransomware Work Around for Firefox and Chrome users

Started by TelePlay, November 06, 2017, 04:03:42 AM

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Thanks to GLadstone, extensions to Firefox and Chrome have been found and they work.

If they are installed, when going into a topic that has externally linked images to Photobucket, you will see their ransomeware image for about a second and then the actual images as posted on Photobucket appear.

THANKS TO GLadstone for making the forum aware of this work around. It should work until and if Photobucket can stop the extensions from working on their site.

Here are the links provided by GLadstone to the extensions for each browser:







( . . . they are making it harder to convert linked images to attachments )

I occasionally get a PM telling me of yet another topic that has images that are externally linked to Photobucket. This is the latest post to cross my desktop that has some of these linked images.

In the past, I downloaded and then attached many such images by simply clicking on the linked image to enlarge it than then after doing a right click and save to disk, could immediately upload that image to the forum. This is no longer the case. Someone did something somewhere that makes an image downloaded using the right click process into a file that can not be used as above.

When I click on one of those images to enlarge it, and then do a right click and to a save to desktop, it give it a file name like this


when I would be expecting only


If I click on the ~original file, I get a pop up window asking me which program I want to use to open the file and gives me two choices, a web based program or one on my computer.

If I rename the file to delete the ~original leaving only the file name and .jpg, I get a message that my default image program (Paint) can not open the file.

Something has been done to the images that makes it much harder to do what I do with them, put them into a file that can be attached to the forum reply.

Right now, without trying other stuff which I really don't have time to explore, the only way to create a jpg file on my desktop that can then be attached to the reported post/reply for posterity is to do a right click copy of the enlarged image, paste it into a open Paint image, crop the image if needed, save it as a jpg with a new name to my desktop and then upload that image to the post/reply.

I no longer read every new post or reply looking for external images so that they can be properly attached to the post/reply for posterity. If anyone finds such an image and wants to report the topic link to me or any other global moderator by way of PM, please do so.

We have been through externally linked images, why not to use them and what happens to topics over time when uses externally linked images so, oh so many times, that it is really up to the general membership to first not external links and, second, if they are found in a topic/reply, to report them to a moderator, any moderator.

Bottom line, there may come a day with even the extensive and time consuming process that now has to be used will not work and the externally linked image be lost from the topic forever.