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AECo 35’s in Color - Recent Auction Prices

Started by AE_Collector, November 16, 2017, 11:59:35 AM

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Okay, not REALLY a coloured AE 35 (which is the predecessor to the AE 50 that wasn't in production for any more than 5 years from about 1935 to 1940) but these are rare in black and more than rare in Color.

This one has clearly been painted but looks like it is a nice job. I know, shouldn't really be here but wanted to get the AE 35 matching topic to the AE 34 going and point out a few things about them.  Too bad they didn't go a little bit darker with the ivory Color paint which would look a bit more "real" to me.

The things that make a 35 a 35 as opposed to a 50 are:
- the lack of vents down each side though they do still have the vents in the bottom.
- the older type 38 handset rather than the newer type 41 handset used on 40's and 50's.
- the completely different arrangement inside including the terminal block up top behind the dial.

Considering the overall low prices that early coloured AE's have been going for lately, and that Ivory is the least rare of the colours AND that it is PAINTED Ivory, I was surprised to see this one go for $234! Some of this must reflect the overall rarity if a AE 35 even in factory Black Bakelite.



This was a COT refurb. I might have built it