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Mini PABX SV308 From China

Started by Fabius, April 25, 2018, 02:45:04 PM

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Received the PABX and here's some first thoughts & impressions. I bought it from China and I received it in 2 weeks. The total cost was about $58.It is available on eBay but at a higher price.  It is new in the box.It will be replacing a Panasonic 616. I wanted to try this unit because of it's much smaller size, lower power consumption and a few more features.


Low cost Lower power consumption. Small footprint. Can be wall mounted. Can be programmed by a regular touchtone phone. Build quality seems okay. On the CO1 line I have VOIP provided by Magic Jack. It recognizes the ring from the Magic Jack unit.

once programmed it will have impressive features.


Not" Plug & play" It has default programming but you have to activate/re-activate the CO lines when the unit is powered up.There is no built in battery. I will get a small UPS before the PABX goes into full service.

Does not recognize dial pulses, touch tone only.

50 cycle ringing. Modern electronic ringers should not have a problem. Mine ring fine. I have not tested a vintage phone on the system for ringing yet.

User manual is written by someone who's first language is not English. I've seen worse manuals but it is annoying.
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That's very small!

The size I like, but it wouldn't be any use to me because 90% of my phones are pulse dialling, including the ones I use every day. So I'll be sticking with my BT Revelation and 616s for now
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