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Key Cutting Service: 29A Western Electric Payphone Key Cutting Available

Started by Payphone installer, January 12, 2019, 08:58:56 PM

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Payphone installer

After much work and help from Dick Pitzer I am now able to cut 29A W/E keys I have every key so as long as you know your lock I can probably cut you a key. I just had blanks made. I also intent to reproduce all the 3 slot upper keys. Jim


That's great news Jim,

What will the cost be for someone who needs a key?

Payphone installer

16.00 for brass key cut plus postage. Return of your money minus shipping if it doesn't work. I prefer to cut the ones I have a lock for so I can make sure it works. I have most of the locks but am still missing a few. I also have locks with keys. I was able to buy a bunch of locks from a Bell Company.