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another networking vendor source!

Started by Babybearjs, March 15, 2019, 10:37:14 AM

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 :D well guys... as I am planning to redo my telecom system, the issue of my internet network came into the picture... doing some research... I've discovered another vendor source! I'm researching rack mountings and that as I just started to FINALLY upgrade from 100Kbs to 1000Kbs on my network... (it was always there, but the switches are out of date and don't support the faster speed. time to upgrade... I currently have a 24 port rack mount switch and found one on ebaY that's newer and supports the faster speed. it was the same price as what I paid for the old switch. ($24.99) so now things are starting to go faster... anyway, I found navepoint through some youtube videos and was extremely surprised at there price point... check them out if you are looking for parts...  ;D ;D I also found SF Cable... they have a real good price on 25 pair cable along with some other stuff... I've got a 8 ft. wall that I'm splitting in half... the left side: Telecom  the right side ISP and associated hardware... I want to get everything cleaned up and replanned..., right now, I'm in the RESEARCH mode.... wish me luck!!


Quote from: Babybearjs on March 15, 2019, 10:37:14 AM
I just started to FINALLY upgrade from 100Kbs to 1000Kbs on my network...

Do you mean M instead of k?

Although I have a friend whose ADSL internet speed is still 2000kbs.