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Main Menu and vs. Discount low voltage

Started by Babybearjs, August 06, 2019, 07:47:46 PM

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thought I'd share my experience with you all involving and (same company, 2 sites). I was looking for a small equipment outdoor box and found the same item with 2 different prices between vendors, a difference of about $4.00. I went ahead and bought Item # pap2p, a 12 X12 X 4 small equipment box... and paid about $40.00 for the item, only to discover I could have saved a whole $4.00 had I bought it though discount low so If you do any online shopping, and have used, do you research. I found them to be pretty expensive on wire. I paid $0.69/Ft for 25 pair Cat3 cable through and wants $1.29/ft... I was surprised at the difference! does have some nice deals, but always compare pricing! especially shipping! Had I gone through discount low voltage, I would have saved $4.00 in shipping!  lesson learned!


Yea, once upon a time sandman was about the only place I knew of to get something's. But as time went on the internet broadened its horizons on telephone gear.
Sandman is very expensive for something's, others not too bad. But they do have things you really can't find anywhere else..
I have cat 3 25 pair cable available any length for a buck a foot, plus shipping if you want any. I can put male or female ends if you want for an extra five bucks per.
So you can get it from sandman, or from me.


already got all the wire I need. ordered the last piece from discount low voltage. ($0.69/ft.) am going to be finishing up my project this next week.... all 10 extensions wired up and working! but I did want to share the fact that its worth comparing prices when buying on line. telephone parts really vary in price by vendor.


Thanks for sharing that, John, and Ken.
I did not know about either of those sights :o