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Wiring Diagram for Western Electric 203 D mount.

Started by MMikeJBenN27, December 09, 2019, 01:20:53 PM

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Anybody have a wiring diagram for a Western/Northern Electric D mount 203?  This is the 202 that has the extra switch on the opposite side.  TCI is having problems, so I can't access them.



The 203 was used on certain party lines, specifically for the tip party, to identify the correct party for billing for each outgoing call.

It can be wired like a 202 for today's lines, using a 4-conductor mounting cord.
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On TCI's sight, under "subscriber sets", diagram for 634 BC and 684 BC show how it is done.  Only thing that does not work is for "Tip Party, Message Rate and Automatic Ticketing", you must reference red ringer wire to L1, not Ground, as there are no "positive" and "negative" parties today.