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AT&T Public Phone 2000

Started by bfpjpth, April 29, 2020, 08:43:26 AM

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Trying to find information on the AT&T Public Phone 2000 - Does anyone know where I can find any documentation or other information on this phone. I believe they were deployed mostly at airports and they used credit cards. Besides phone calls they also offered faxing and email along with a data port to connect  a laptop. The last version of this phone was the  2000i which had internet connectivity. I'd like to get this phone working if possible, even if it's only able to be used for phone calls. I have not been able to find much if any information.


They were indeed in airports such as O'hare and Denver but only in the travel clubs such as for American and United Red Carpet.  A few Marriott hotels business centers.

Had a built-in VT-100 compatable terminal and a speedy (back then) 1200 baud modem.
The menu included hotel, car, airline, and weather access as well as long distance.

A credit card processor was onsite for the bank of card callers.


From what I know, those were COCOT meaning they were customer owned coin operated telephones.
So places like air ports bought them to make money with. The software is available but only a few actually have it. And it needs to be programmed remotely, so you have to have a distant computer call into your phone to program it. The phone answers on the tenth ting so not anyone can just call into it and get access.
But then you would need the program to get into it anyway.


I don't know if Jim Engle is a member of this forum, but if not, he is on Facebook.  He is a pay phone guru.  He has more than anyone I've ever known of, and he has a wealth of knowledge.


Yes, Jim is here, and he probably does have the software to program the phone.


Jim Engle goes by Payphone installer here.

Payphone installer

The PP 2000 also known as the 60A was not a smart set like we are used to. You took it out of the box and forced it to call in after loading a few key things on the software as I recall. To my knowledge it was never polled. It simply delivered billing records to a off site server. It also had ability when it first came out to send email which was removed because of a MCI lawsuit along with the keyboards. It's predecessor was the 30A with the green CRT  screen. The desk version of the 30A was the DMC desk card reader with no data port, after I came the 1000 plus desk card reader. They all called in and off loaded calling records. Billing records like a inmate telephone switch. They all worked the same way.

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