Author Topic: Local Pick-up Ebay Haul  (Read 518 times)

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Local Pick-up Ebay Haul
« on: November 19, 2020, 05:30:03 PM »
I bought the first pair of phones pictured with a BIN of $12.95 on ebay.  They had a shipping cost of $28 from PA to NC, but I noticed they were near my dad's place I would be visiting soon and the seller agreed to hold them for a local pickup and mentioned he might have other phones I "might like to look at".  Of these two black WE phones one  is a 1956 WE500 and the other is 1963 WE500.  That is actually the one I wanted because it is a 502 with a black exclusion post and intact exclusion switch under the cradle. Then the seller produced a second box of phones. These are in the second picture. The white WE 554 is a late sixties ABS rebuild with the base from 1958, marked -58  and the dial a 7C-50 from 1954.  Maybe a good placeholder for someone looking for a soft plastic 554. Not sure what to do with that one as the dial is probably the best part of it.  The middle one is a 1955 WE 500 with straight cord, and the one that looks to be brown IS BROWN and is NOT an ITT.  It 3-4/1955 mahogany brown with a 7C-54 dial dated 12/54. The handset cord is 1963 and black and the transmitter may be missing--stuck soft plastic caps. Of note, it is a WE 501 and still has it's tube. He threw in this box for another $20 so 5 phones for $32.95 after he refunded the $28 I had to pay on ebay for the BIN.  I will be looking for a thick brown handset cord next.  One more stop and I picked up the 1971 2565 which I got for $20 BIN. It's got a back- painted face and full 'operator' key, needs a card and cover plate.  All good projects and I am very happy with my haul

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Re: Local Pick-up Ebay Haul
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2020, 06:10:38 PM »
Nice haul! It's always fun to get a better deal at the end of it all.

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Re: Local Pick-up Ebay Haul
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2020, 08:03:09 PM »
Sweet haul, congrats.

Scott K.

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Re: Local Pick-up Ebay Haul
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2020, 08:08:17 PM »
Very nice indeed. Some closeup pics of the Mahogany Brown inside and out would be appreciated......nice hit....Doug

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Re: Local Pick-up Ebay Haul
« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2020, 09:46:55 PM »
Definitely find of the month material.

Well done.
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Re: Local Pick-up Ebay Haul
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2020, 08:54:42 AM »
Here are pictures of the inside of the mahogany brown. mostly dated 3-55.  The station cord on this phone is marked on the brass restraint "55".  The finish will need some sanding and the case has a little bowing in the back and places where the plastic has surface flaking. The open finger wheel is broken.  The receiver is 3-55 but the transmitter is 61 like the black cord.  The G3 handset has a receiver element cup with a clear two-piece cord holder as shown in the first picture. I do not have any phones with this arrangement which I am betting is a version between the type built into the handset and the typical one-piece receiver element cup with two molded prongs to hold the cord. The 426 tube was disconnected when I opened it up. It works except for the transmitter.

When I am looking for a handset cord, is it safe to say only WE had brass restraints on their colored receiver cords?
Can someone remind me what the "1" on the third line of the dial marking might mean? I remember reading here something about two tone WE's having that mark.
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Re: Local Pick-up Ebay Haul
« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2020, 01:06:12 PM »
I think you should put the brown set in the find of the month.
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