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Black and White 302 Telephone. – “TUXEDO”

Started by ....., January 23, 2021, 08:33:57 AM

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Found this on an  online sales site.

Description from ad.

This is an all original Model 302 telephone made by Northern Electric. This phone was introduced in 1937. The 302 model was the first Northern Electric desk telephone to contain the ringer and electronics within the body of the telephone. The custom bright white paint has been applied to the base using a 4 coat process by a professional automotive painter. The black Bakelite handset has been buffed to the original sheen and with a black dial it makes a stark contrast to the white. The telephone has been completely restored with new cords and tested. The feet have been recovered with soft suede leather.

Doug Rose

really nice.....but pricey.....Doug


Nice, but to be honest most of us on here could do a good custom paint job (especially Harry) like this. Duffy, I know you can!

Even I have near on half a dozen 302s (W.E.) - all purchased cheaply in Europe.

I've got a metal 1941 put to one side which I intend to gold plate in 18ct. Got everything but the time!

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