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Wiring a Manual 500 Set

Started by Doug Rose, August 04, 2021, 10:53:03 AM

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Doug Rose

Never done this, wiring a manual 500 set. Phone rings but does not go off hook when the handset is picked up....keeps ringing, handset is not recognized..

Handset and cord have been tested and is operational. I went through the 500 set wiring but could not find a manual set.

Do I just need a jumper off the coil?

Any help is greatly appreciated....Doug


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Doug the set should be wired as a regular 500 set, the only exception is with it being manual, just put the hook switch lead from F to RR, the ringer and handset are all connected the same.
I'm guessing you know where all other leads etc go.

If it's not seizing the line, then your not connecting the network so check the White, or Green Hook Switch lead one goes to L1 with the Tip, the other side goes to RR.
That should get you dial tone.

Doug Rose

Thanks guys.....Moving Slate White from F to RR did the trick!.....Doug