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First post Help, LPB 86-55 conversion

Started by Glockose, October 11, 2021, 02:34:04 PM

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I'm New here and have a AE LPB-86-55 I am trying to get to work (at least somewhat) in my home

I have gotten it to Chime correctly for the coins.

And if you pick up you have Dial Tone (Low until you insert a coin)
If you pick up on an income call you can hear , not talk  Until you inset a coin and then its normal vol. and you can talk.

My big Questions are

1) Can I get it to Ring?
2) Can i wire it so the vol is high and I can Talk without inserting a coin?
#) Also what was the original handset cord as I have found pictures with both a curly cord and a Metal cord



Welcome, on the ring part, you need a separate ringer because that doesn't have one in it.
As for the volume, yes you can by pass the coin part but it's been too long since I worked on an AE.
The spring cord is about what your going to want.
An armored cord limits you too much, I've always gone back to spring cords when I use a payphone as an extension.

Stan will be along he knows what you need to do, as do a few others.


2) Try reversing the 2 wires coming from your dial tone source.
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.


Ya thats my bad.... I crimped the external plug I put on the back backwards....
So the red is the green and the green is the red.. HAHA

But even changing them doesn't fix the problem still have to put a coin in..


Without the schematic, it is hard to say...
That micro switch in the chute, seems to control a locking relay, "the blue thing on the bottom board".
If you look closely, it is probably jumping a resistor, the source of the low volume.
If you jump the switch contacts, it should keep the volume up.
But it may not hang up, again need the schematic.


That circuit is designed to mute the transmitter so a coin needs to be deposited to talk.
I just don't remember how to disable that Circuit.

I had a set like that years ago, and I removed the entire circuit and wired the set to work with out it.
And I replaced the chute with a coin relay and hopper.
And wired the relay to collect with my own circuit after the handset was hung up.
But I'm sure Stan knows what to change to basicly remove the circuit and will work as a normal phone.
Just hang in there.

I had a huge manual on all AE payphone sets, but sold that when I decided to work only with Western Electric.

Stan S

No guarantees. Your payphone has an after market Teltronics SP102 coin relay replacement. Teltronics was not known for the best diagrams. Try removing the YELLOW wire from screw 3 on the blue board that's mounted flat. Tape up the lug. That should take care of the transmitter situation (maybe). Now go to the top. Lift the wire spring that comes out of the microswitch from the notch in the arm. Lift it and move it up above the arm. That will simulate an initial deposit, spring not in the notch (once again maybe). Hopefully that will get the phone working as a simple extension phone (maybe).


Stan I also ran into the same situation.
That's why I decided to get rid of the board and rewired the set and got a hopper, coin relay etc.
He could just leave the chute in the set and just remove the board and change wiring to by pass all that.
Because the board in my set failed and no matter what I did I couldn't get it to work right.


Thank you everyone for the fast responses and all the Help