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New Member in PA.

Started by Darkstar2006, August 03, 2022, 05:00:42 PM

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Hi My name is Dave and I went down the rabbit hole about 2 years ago. My TT phone in the kitchen stopped working so I went on a quest to replace it. I found my first phone at a flea market. It was a black NE for $10. I installed it in the kitchen, but it didn't ring. Thats when I found this blog and the info to fix it. The ring was great, so now I needed to put a vintage phone in every room (6) so I could hear those rings! A few 302's, Kellogg's, North Electrics and a beautiful chromed out AE 40 (in the living room) I said "Thats enough"!......well until I was at an auction about a month ago where in the box lot section was a WE candle stick with a good "clicky" dial (along with a very dirty cherry red WE 554 1971) for all of $12. Down the rabbit hole again...

The cherry red replaced the black beauty in the kitchen. The candlestick has been a different story. It's a 51C bullnose (1945) with a 4H (1941) dial and it was completely striped of all wiring, receiver, transmitter and its holder. After printing reams of wiring diagrams and instructions and a month of frustration, I decided I better join to get the straight dope on this phone. I plan to pair it up with a 684bc that i purchased off of Ebay.
Wish me Luck 
Why do people with cell phones use "old phone" as their ring tone?

-Dave S.


Welcome to CRPC sir, I've been down that rabbit hole a couple of times sir.
Once in the 90's and now again in 2022, once the phone bug bites you its hard to shake it.
Hope you find what you need and enjoy your new found hobby.  ;D

BTW, Sweet look'en dog Dave!


Thanks. There is a wealth of info form many knowledgeable people.
 Champ is my rescue although I not sure who rescued whom.
Why do people with cell phones use "old phone" as their ring tone?

-Dave S.


Welcome to CRPF Dave.

Looking forward to reading more about your growing collection - and remember, we like photos!

A collector of  'Monochrome Phones with Sepia Tones'   ...and a Duck!
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A belated welcome from Georgia!
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