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Needed: Wiring diagram for Premier Delight II 2700 Phone

Started by RotoTech99, October 30, 2022, 01:35:40 PM

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Dear CRPF:

I'm looking for the wiring diagram for a Premier 2700 Delight II Trimline style phone, please.

I've seen it in a eBay posting, but wasn't able to find it otherwise.

If the CRPF has anyone familiar with this phone, I would appreciate assistance in finding this, please.

I have this particular phone, but have lost my diagrams for it.

All feedback,assistance, and help accepted with Thanks.



Hopefully this will help, couldn't find a better image.
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Hi, that's pretty good.

If you by chance find a full page version of it, please let me know... I'll save the one you sent for the time being.

The one I seen on EBay had additional information on the bottom, but the main part of it shown in your picture was covered over by the phone's instruction booklet.