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Leich 601/605 help please

Started by xtal_01, March 16, 2023, 11:53:15 PM

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I love this Leich phone.  it is one of the first phones I got years ago.  I found a new shell for it (original was cracked0 ... got the correct dial for it ...).

I love that it is convertible ... I had never seen this.

So ... I have questions and a few problems to solve.

First ... what is it?  I have called it a 601/605 as the wiring diagram that came with it says 601/605.

Now I look in the TCI library and see it could be a 901/905

I thought (maybe wrongly) that 600's had metal bases and 900 had Bakelite bases ... but that may not be true I see.

Second .... I need a hook switch .. or a phone to cannibalize ?  If I let the phone sit for a few weeks .. nothing .. no dial tone.  I try flashing ... nothing .... take it apart ... clean the hook switch contact with cleaner ... works great!  Let is sit for a few weeks .... nothing again.

Third ... The induction coil in mine is marked Code 27 ... and the core is rusty.  It works great but if I could find one in better shape, I would like to change it out.

Finally, the catalog says "straight neoprene cord" or "Koil cord" ... I have a coil cord but I would like straight cords (receiver and wall) if I can find them.

Thanks .... Mike


These are a lovely phone - I especially like the handset design.
Try cleaning the hookswitch contacts by pulling paper through them rather than using contact cleaner - might give a longer lasting result.


Cute phone.

I have the similar reversible design Leich 105C ( unfortunately the shell was cracked across the front so I performed an Acetone repair: ).

The model number on mine is stamped on the base, just about where your sticker is.
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First .... I think I found my  issue.  When I looked with a magnifying glass, I could see the contacts "just" made and the hook switch did not come up all the way.  I took apart the stack and carefully put a little more bend in the leaf spring.

Now the contacts make all the time and the phone works great!
A member pointed out there is info in the TCI library about adjusting contacts  ... seems I didn't need to take them apart.  Looks like I need to invest in some adjustment tools and a burnishing tool.

Another member pointed out this is a 605.  900's were magneto-signaling with a #28 coil.  600's were common battery with or with out a dial and having a #27 coil.

Early models had a metal base ... later models Bakelite (changed about 1955).  600's were introduced about 1948 and 900's about 1950

I think the 105 model is the follow up model to this ... an equivalent to WE 500