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Merlin 410 PBX in Philly

Started by Greg G., January 18, 2013, 07:29:44 PM

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Greg G.

Is this a good buy?  I'm not interested, just happened to come across it and googled around to find out what it was.  Apparently it has all the bells and whistles. ( dead link 02-21-21 )

QuoteAT&T Merlin 410 PBX Phone System with 8 Handsets Complete! - $50 (North Wales, PA)

I have a AT&T Merlin 410 Phone System for sale. It is a 4 incoming line / 10 extention system. Includes control unit with feature pack 1 installed, 8 handsets, manuals, interconnecting cables, and mounting hardware. Main unit works, but I didn't check if each handset works. This system is complete! It is really easy to hookup and reqires no progamming for it to work. Email me if interested. Thanks for looking, Torrey
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CRPF memeber "the phone house" just posted one in classifieds as well. He is in Georgia.